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The principle named wire and cable products

Date:2014年10月15日 15:55

The naming of wire and cable products have the following principles:
Including the content of 1, the product name
(1) the occasion of use of the product or the size of the class name
(2) the product structure material or type;
(3) an important feature of products or additional features
According to the basic order above named, sometimes in order to emphasize the important or additional features, will feature wrote front or corresponding structure describing the former.
2, describe the structure of the sequence
According to the product structure description from the inner to the outer conductor insulation principle: -- > -- > inner protecting layer - > layer of protection -- > armored type.
3, simplified
Will not cause confusion in the case of some description of the structure or the province to write, such as aluminum conductor does not allow car line, cord, so do not describe the conductor material.
Rated voltage 8.7/15kV flame-retardant copper core XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable
"Rated voltage 8.7/15kV" -- the use of occasions / voltage grade
"Characteristics of flame retardant -- Emphasis
"Copper core" - conductor material
"XLPE insulated" - insulation materials
"Steel tape armored" - armored layer material and type (double belt gap wrapped)
"PVC" - both inside and outside the sheath material (inner and outer sheath material uniform sample, province inner sheath material)
"Power cable" - the name of the product categories
And the corresponding model is written ZR-YJV22-8.7/15, type of writing see note below.

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